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System Requirements

Windows 2000, XP, , Windows 7,Windows 8 and Windows 10
32-bit and 64-bit supported!


A Billing Program Anyone Can Use!

Powerful, easy-to-use billing software!

Manage your billing cycles in minutes, not hours!

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kBilling Testimonial"QuickBooks is overkill for what I need. kBilling is perfect for my business and setting up recurring invoices is easy! The reporting system makes doing my taxes a click of the mouse. I'll use this program forever! Thanks kBilling!"
    -Carey , SWFL Webmaster

kBilling Testimonial"Without kBilling we would be losing money. This software is amazing and support is second to none! I'm a 100% believer in kBilling and after using it for 3 years, that speaks for itself. Thanks for a great system!"
   -David , Alphashare Systems

Quote"I have been using kBilling for years. It is fast and easy and does exactly what I need for my consulting business. Great Product!"
    -Chris Shell, Techgrowth

Quote"kBilling is the easiest billing program I've ever used!"
    -Tyler Hansen,
Hansen Technologies

Quote"What used to take me days was accomplished in less than two minutes"
    -Jo Ann Nolan ,
Suncoast Networks

Quote "kBilling is powerful, easy to use and backed by amazing customer support!"
    -Glenn Wasserman ,
Lehigh Valley Blues Network


Quote"Not only is kBilling easy to use and intuitive, but the support is phenomenal and the price is right - I will be using kBilling for years to come!"
    -Wendell T. Harness ,
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Q: Will kBilling® work for MY business?

Whether you're sending bills for your professional services, running a retail store, invoicing customers for repair work, or running an Internet business, kBilling can help. Since kBilling is not "industry specific" it can help you bill for any product or service.
Q: How easy is kBilling® to install and use?
Very easy! Anyone can do it! Click this download link and click "Run" - that's it!

See the movie tutorials to see video of kBilling being used and how easy it is to create invoices and track your customer accounts.
Q: Does kBilling® support 64-bit Windows?

The same installer can be used on 32-bit or 64-bit Windows.
Q: Will I have to install updates all the time?
All kBilling® updates are optional.

kBilling has a built-in update check and download function so keeping kBilling up to date on any number of computers is very easy. You can keep up with kBilling announcements and new releases on the announcements forum.
Q: How much do updates cost?
Versions released within 1 year of your purchase date are free.

After that, an additional year of updates costs half price (so $49.50 per license). All updates are optional!
Q: How much does kBilling® cost?
kBilling® costs $99.00 USD for a single license, but if you purchase more than one (if you need to run kBilling on more than a single user's computer) then kBilling costs only $89 per license.
Q: Does kBilling® support quotes or proposals?
Yes! There is a "Quotes" tab in the software - you can make a quote an invoice with a single click.
Q: Does kBilling® support multiple users?
Yes! All that is needed to support multiple users is a local area network and to save the company file on a network share. Other users simply open the company file over the network and work normally. See your network admin or a computer consultant about setting up a network share.
Q: What comes with registration?
Free technical support and free updates for an entire year.! Getting rid of your billing headaches is also included at no extra charge!
Q: How does registration work?
Once you register you will receive a serial number via email that you can copy and paste into the trial version to remove the time limit in the program.
Q: Does kBilling come on CD?
It can, yes! Be sure to choose that option when you register! A small additional shipping charge will apply and I'm afraid that the box seen at the upper right corner of this page is only virtual. CDs are shipped with minimal packaging to help keep costs low.
Q: Does kBilling® support non-US currency?

Currency is formatted based on your computer's regional settings.

To change the currency symbol, open Control Panel, click on Regional and Language Settings and on the Customize button towards the top of the window. From there you can type in the currency symbol you want to use. After that, open kBilling and click Tools, then Update Currency Symbol and you'll be ready to go!
Q: How does kBilling® charge credit cards?
By using an online payment processor like Authorize.net, Plug n' Pay, Verisign, GoToBilling or IPPAY

You do need your own merchant account and payment gateway account to use this feature.
Q: If I download the trial, is there any obligation?
Absolutely not! The trial version is totally free! The only limitation in the trial version is that it runs for 30 days without a license. If your trial runs out you can still get a license and not lose any data! 
Q: Does kBilling® have <Insert Feature Program Here>
Perhaps! Try out our free demo or drop us an email to ask! Remember, there is no obligation to buy it and the demo version is totally free to use for 30 days!
Q: Can I download a copy of the kBilling® manual?

Click here to download an Adobe PDF of the kBilling manual.
Q: I've lost my order information and/or serial number. Can you send it to me?
Of course! Please email us.